Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Hi. Am not sure whether someone else besides me is ever gonna read this or whether I am gonna write here again. But nevertheless, an introduction must be written and this is one.

There are three things the blogger account asked me to enter by way of signifying what this blog would/is about and I'll start with those. The blog's title "looking closer" refers to American Beauty (one of my favourite movies and arguably one of the best movies every made) which implies looking within self to discover peace.

The other being the title of the page, which being "Musings of a Wanderer" is a reflection of what I am and what I am gonna do here. This page will be a collection of assorted thoughts that come to mind now and then so that I reflect on them later, which might serve as a recording of my moments in life (may be am getting too ambitious here). Also, "Wanderer" and my signature name "Journeyman" describe my life till now. Have never stayed at a particular place or with people very long. Am a person who is not very connected to any thing or anyone, and find it difficult to let go of myself. Thus, the wanderer :).

The inspiration for this blog is a few relationships I have had in the past few months which have taught me a lot about myself. About how closed I was, how superficial I had become and how I sometimes needed to drop my guard and allow people within s0 that I could have a fruitful relationship with them.

So I have decided to try and catalogue some of my feelings across time and see what is emerging.

"At the beginning of a beautiful journey whose future is uncertain, as is its success"

Bon Voyage!!

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