Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Will You'll Not Destroy

For me, the most important metric in calculating whether I admire a man or not is how capable he is of doing what he needs to do. I am not crazy about people who perform spectacularly well at something, are prodigies, the likes; I admire people who so-to-speak have a great hit-rate, are able to complete most tasks they are given to, with the requisite quality.

Lets try to now see what this 'capability' actually consists of and what factors influence it.

Capability = Talent X Hardwork

Capability = [Theoretical Talent (knowledge of systems, process, work methodologies) + Practical Talent (jugaad) ] X [Will (relentlessness, confidence) + Stamina (pressure resistance, sounds physical and mental faculties]

The most interesting among these factors is will. I can't analyse it further, say where it stems from, whether it is an effect of the environment he/she grows through or something ingrained. And that for me is the defining quality of a man I would admire, whose ambition and endless pursuit of a particular goal gets him there while so many others having all other qualities might fail.

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