Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The World We Live In - Part II

Who is making the decisions in our lives? Who is leading our generation into its future? It is such a travesty that the world is controlled by old men, who don't have much to live and couldn't care less about the future of the world. The fundamental disconnect that they have to the reality of the world around them makes them see everything with an eye of the past. And they couldn't care less about a world they don't recognize. Is this the reason why the world as I know it is in such a downward spiral? Because those in charge, don't really care? The young are too busy either fighting or enjoying sensual pleasures to notice the fact that their lives are being screwed. And it's the old that hold the reins of power. Previous attempts at revolutions have failed, because power is vested to a generation which then young later becomes old and cyncial, giving more importance to temporary materialistic sensual pleasures than more sustainable efforts.

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