Monday, April 23, 2007

Random List

Movies, which never became blockbusters or won oscars (or filmfares), or even developed a major cult f0llowing, but are some of my personal favourites:

1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. O Brother, Where Art Thou!
3. Socha Na Tha
4. The Straight Story
5. True Romance
6. Chasing Amy
7. Dogville
8. Garden State

Just felt like noting them down somewhere!


Atish said...

have only seen Garden State and O Brother...
Zach Braff rules !! loved that movie :)
and O Brother... well i liked it for its look and feel (style maybe!) and yeah had done enuf research before watching it so kinda got the context too .. and boy.. the soundtrack of both the movies.. especially the song 'I am a man of constant sorrow' from O Brother.. mind blowing :)

Atish said...

and Straight Story too... it was touching... and again the cinematography was great :)
keep posting
and 'you are my sunshine' from O Brother.. how could i forget that :D

Anonymous said...

Damn! Atish commented before me this time!

Anyway, Napoleon Dynamite does have a cult following. But what the hell, I won't nitpick. A great list, and a loose subset of a similar list of mine. Socha Na Tha was a great surprise. Watched it only because a friend recommended it.

Wanderer said...

[atish] glad you liked them! many of these movies would probably have become more widely known if they had the backing of a large studio or a starcast! but then that is their charm!

[anon] yeah! ND has a cult following ("Vote for Pedro") but, in my opinion, not a "major" one! i didn't include "My Sassy Girl" or "Oldboy" for that very reason! (if a Hindi remake has been made for a movie, it definitely is not unknown)