Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In and Around

As I was looking out from the office window, just decided to put down a few things which can be seen from where I sit.

My office faces an air-hostess training centre :D, so there is a constant stream of pretty young girls moving in and out, through the day. There are several reasons work doesn't get done during the day, not the least this one - since a lot of time is spent by me and my colleagues just staring out of the window. Another reason for a constant peep outside the window is the long line of the most expensive and good-looking cars that make an appearance in our porch. There have been Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Audis, BMWs and Mercs are a constant fixture.

Our office also faces a Barista, which we frequent very regularly (and unlike college, we order too!). During my nine months here, my order dish has changed quite a bit. I would initially favour the usual Brrrista but then moved to ordering Apple Smoothie, and having gotten tired of it, now order Black Currant Smoothie and an Apple Pie (with sauce). Our version of siesta is to go to barista after lunch, order something with caffeine (to avoid sleep during the afternoons) and chat around for a while - and we really look forward to doing that.

I like my job - and where I work adds to the satisfaction level tremendously!

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Anonymous said...

To love one's work and the place one works is the height of good fortune.

You have an Apple Pie (WITH sauce) daily! I thought you have a sedentary job.

And why am I the only person who comments here with regularity!