Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekends with Me

Weekends have always been very important to me. From "the dreary desert sand of dead habit" of the weekdays, weekends uplift me. On Friday afternoons, I usually leave early deciding to get some work done on Sunday evening, but as with all "best laid plans", this too never transpires; the work spilling over to Monday morning. But no worries, I am in a really good mood today because I had a really nice weekend.

Started out with going out for dinner on Friday evening with my brother-in-law who was in town - though the conversation dragged on for a bit; he couldn't stop talking about stock markets, IPOs, portfolios, how much money he was making, blah, blah...Thankfully, the food was amazing and I didn't mind as long as my mouth was full. After dinner, he dropped me to my place and I drifted off to a long sleep.

Saturday morning - I woke up and called a friend, whom I hadn't seen in quite a while and made a lunch appointment. I started watching "Stagecoach" and finished it, and had started "Judgment at Nuremberg" by the time he came. We walked out to lunch, and the weather was really pleasant as we talked of college days, and what was happening to so many of our common friends. We found a good restaurant, had lunch and he dropped me since he had to go to office and we promised to meet up in the evening. I went off to sleep and woke up to continue watching Judgment. Meanwhile, my Mama called me up inviting me to dinner Sunday night and asked what my exact date of birth was (?). Anyways, it was a really long movie and before I could finish it; my friend had come up to my place. We went bowling. I like bowling; it is a game where reducing your margin of error can fetch you great dividends, and my specialty in bowling is sending down absolutely straight balls right in the centre, and I was in good form that day. After bowling, we had dinner and he came up to my place. We started seeing "A Christmas Story" but before we could finish it, both of us drifted to sleep.

I woke up to my phone ringing. I didn't recognize the number; it was from my sister's in-laws some of who live in this town. They invited me to a lunch to their place and despite some protests (albeit weak); they were insistent and I had to agree. I drifted off to sleep before they called me up again to give their address. I couldn't get back to sleep so I finished off "A Christmas Story". My friend also got up and after having breakfast, left. I went up to my sister's in-laws place and endured a long painful conversation with some elder members of their family (some concerning my specialization in engineering) before some young people joined the group after which it was more fun. After lunch, I took my leave and returned to complete watching "Judgment at Nuremberg" (amazing movie, btw) . After that, I called up a couple of juniors to get together for dinner and they invited me to come to their place. On the way, I called up my Mama and cancelled the evening plan saying I was too tired to take the long drive to and fro from his place. At my juniors', it was nice chatting up with them after a long time; met with some of their colleagues from other colleges; spent a lot of time comparing one institute to another and post-dinner went off to have some ice-cream. They dropped me to my place; and after watching some TV, I went off to some very peaceful sleep.

This is what a weekend should be like - full of sleep, good food and some good times with friends!!

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