Monday, June 02, 2008

A list of things...

I just completed reading "The Remains of The Day". I had seen this book several times with friends and the only reason I was turned off from buying it earlier, was that one of the friends who had earlier recommended it to me, was someone whose taste I didn't much appreciate. However, a few days earlier, I came across a list somewhere (I am a big one for lists btw), one of those "100 must-read books before you die" kind and this book was right at the top. Suitably intrigued, I got and purchased it; pleasantly surprised that it was pretty light (on the wallet too).

Why do I mention this?

Because one of the lines from the book has stayed with me and I thought it over many times today: "The evening is the best part of the day". To paraphrase, the idea that a man can only do so much and rather than struggling on when incapable, one should let go, leave and learn to enjoy the autumn of one's life. This thought has made quite an impact on me and I would count it to come back to me at various points of time in the future.

Which brings me to some other thoughts/snatches/ideas from other sources which have had a impact on me, on hearing or reading which I am moved even today (even though it might have been years since I originally encountered them):

1. The Shawshank's Redemption's "Hope is a good thing" bit

2. American Beauty's "I saw my life flashing in front of me" sequence

3. V for Vendetta's speech in which he telecasts to London "...words will always retain their power..."

4. Rang De Basanti's "Luka Chhuppi" and "Khoon Chala" songs

5. Several parts of the latter half of "The Crucible" and the last bit in "The Lord of the Flies"

7. The guitar crescendoes in the middle of the songs in "November Rain" and "Wonderful Tonight"

8. And of course, many many scenes from "The Wonder Years"

There are many more, but I guess these are the ones at the top of my head.


Atish said...

shawshank redemption, crucible, november rain, wonder years... is it me talking or u :)
even i wanted to read "remains of the day" but have never got around to actually read it.. read "when we were orphans" by the same author and kinda liked it..
btw..since u mentioned crucible, have u read "all my sons" or "death of a salesman" ..

Wanderer said...

well, great minds do think alike :)

i did read "death of a salesman" - found it really depressing... will try getting hold of the other two books mentioned

Anonymous said...

Write something for chrissakes!