Friday, February 06, 2009

Speech Defect

I have been told on a few occasions that I tend to speak English very fast. In India, it didn't really matter - if someone didn't get me, I would switch to Hindi. Only while giving presentations would I consciously slow down, but that was not very frequent, and so, quite manageable.

Here, compounded by the accent, it became a big problem. So, I had to slow down. Now, I find myself talking (in my opinion) painfully slowly, in a weird, high pitch, emphasis on every syllable, way. It sounds really phony to me, and it really upsets me, thought nobody else seems to mind it.

I don't want to sound phony to myself, I want to be able to speak naturally, not dam the words coming out of my mouth. But I have to speak slowly to make sense to these guys, and every bit of it is painful.

One more reason why I won't settle down here.


mithrandir said...

he he totally agree. Its really a pain to speak in front of the Europeans. Have been told myself a no. of times to speak slowly. Come to America though if u wanna chatter away. They sure like to talk :)

cathatfished said...

wouldnt agree. americans speak ridiculously slowly and i speak rather fast, even for an indian, so its quite hard for me to slow down and for them to actually understand what i'm saying..

Anonymous said...

exactly my sentiments.
total retards reside in firang lands.
hate the way one has to twist the tongue n emphasize syllables for them to register and process...arghh.