Friday, November 03, 2006

55 word story

"An arrow hit him on the back. He spun around. She smiled. He smiled. They approached closer; he felt warmth seeping into his body from where the arrow entered. As they kissed, he saw an arrow sticking out of her back. All eyes turned towards them. Nobody noticed a nude child scurrying down the stairs."

"She was slightly tired, but looked happy. He kept looking at his watch. “Unusual date. Well-dressed, well-mannered, smiles a lot though. A bit too eager, perhaps” she smiled. “And guys really don’t know to make coffee, yuck."

The time for the ritual was drawing closer. He wondered how long more before the poison takes effect."

I seem to be getting good at this. :D


cathatfished said...

sorry dude.. but ugh :D

Wanderer said...

hmm, will try to come up with something better then!

you should try this too!

cathatfished said...

maybe - but its more fun being a sadoo critic ;D