Friday, November 03, 2006

Two Thoughts on Music

Was feeling particularly vella yesterday, and when we (me and another colleague) met a colleague on her way to Barista we decided to accompany her even though we had been there just a minute back. The conversation somehow veered to music (from my singing, I think :D) and two interesting thoughts came up:

1. Intangibility: Music is still a wonder to so many of us and liked so much because in this world where more and more things become analytically divisible and logically represented, we are still not able to figure out analytically why we like some sounds and not others. This sheer intangibility of music makes it so beautiful. With music, you can get away from the world and enjoy it, and have no logical reason for it.

2. Transcedental: Some tunes, snatches of music stay with you for a long time, and have the power of bringing back some scenes and memories of the first time you'd heard this music and then your soul fills with the same feeling as you were back then. For example: the song "Bhumro Bhumro" from Mission Kashmir reminds me of my home during the early winters, cool evenings, onset of diwali, the first feel of a sweater on your body, and sometimes makes me move to tears. I had heard this song for the first time in the last Diwali I had spent at home in six years until this year. It also reminds me of a simpler time, the age of innocence, because from that point on (and that period was the onset of those changes), my character has undergone a lot of changes and though the man writing this is a more competent and successful individual, I liked being that boy. Sorry, for straying from the point :).

Well, as they say, "Music is the opium of the masses", with due respect to Karl Marx. For all the weirdity and sadness in this world, music is one of last few bastions of pure joy left.

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